MSI Premiere Composer, Ramiro Real....

  Name: Ramiro Real Born on 1969 at Valladolid (Spain)

Musical studies at Valladolid Music Conservatoire Complementary studies with such professionals as Néstor Andrenacci, Josep Prats (choral conducting), Juan María Esteban (orchestra conducting), Josep Cabré, Amaro González de Mesa (performance methods)

He has performed many concerts as piano accompanist with Valladolid University Choir He created and conducts chamber choir Coro Piccolo

He conducts chamber orchestra Camerata Vallisoletana

He has composed works for several vocal and instrumental ensembles performed throughout the world.

Nowadays he combines his composing and conducting activities with his job as music teacher

          Main last compositions and recordings:

Ave Maria for female choir and piano, premiered on 1995 and recorded on CD by Valladolid University Choir on march 1996

Crucifixus for mixed choir, premiered by Valladolid University Choir at Monasterio del Prado, Valladolid, on june 1998

Regina Caeli for female choir, premiered on august 2000 by Trimontzium Choir from Plovdiv, Bulgaria

BF 5.5 for pipe organ, premiered on november 2000 by Bruno Forst

Nothing Changes, written at the end of the year 2000 for OSELF (Young symphony orchestra from Lille, France)

Nocturno for mixed choir on lyrics by spanish poet Antonio Machado, premiered by Valladolid University Choir at Teatro Carrión, Valladolid, on june 2001

A dream come true for flute, oboe , violin and piano, recorded by the author and musicians on april 2001

Arbor tristis for chamber orchestra, written for Camerata Vallisoletana and premiered on summer 2001

Fantaisie du miracle for pipe organ, commissioned by Les amis de l’orgue association from Arles-sur-Tech, France and premiered on august 2003 by Bruno Forst

Ella for female choir, premiered on march 2004 by Balta Choir from Riga, Latvia