MSC Mission....

"Preserve the past and premiere the
future of CLASSICAL choral literature..."

The Master Singers Chorale of Northeast Ohio is a non-profit mixed chorus whose mission is to be the premier performing organization of the myriad of significant large classical, traditional and contemporary choral masterworks of past and present.

The Master Singers Chorale of Northeast Ohio

Serves as a community resource for the dissemination of large classical choral music through concerts, recordings and publications, and by commissioning and premiering new works;

Offers an opportunity for singers to share their passion for classical choral music in an environment that respects traditional rehearsal and performance;

  • Advances, encourages, promotes, develops, presents, and teaches classical choral music to adults, youth and children of all ages;

  • Performs choral music for audiences comprised of multiple generations of ages;

  • Builds partnerships with individuals and organizations that can help achieve the mission of the Master Singers Chorale of Northeast Ohio; and 

  • Acts as agents/representatives of or in cooperation with any corporations, associations, committees, or commissions to promote any of the purposes and objectives herein set forth.


    As Dr. Goddard states, "the musical talent in the Northeast Ohio area is incredibly abundant and highly under-appreciated. These talents should be graciously showcased and properly rewarded."