MSI Premiere Composer, Jeffrey Derenski (United States)

Lives in California, United States

Autobiographical statement:

Four years ago, I was a freshman in high school, and I didn’t know anything about music. I had had no formal training, and I literally knew nothing. Now, as a graduated senior, I am musically fluent. I have become an accomplished pianist and singer. I earned a 5 in all areas of the AP music theory exam in my junior year, and have achieved exceptional sight-reading and dictation skills. God is the one who has caused all of this growth to occur within me. He is my daily bread and his grace is the only thing that holds me together. The gift that he gave with his son Jesus truly humbles me every day. It is for him and him alone that I breathe and create my work. I plan on pursuing composition in college and to hopefully write full time professionally. Finally, my influences are Randall Thompson, Ron Kean (an amazing writer!), Mozart, Bach, Chopin, David Childs, David Dickau, Eric Whitacre, and Allan Petker (director of the Santa Clarita Master chorale, and an amazing writer and man of God.)