MSI Premiere Composer, Fabio Fresi...

Fabio Fresi was born on May 16, 1979 in Alghero (Italy).

He studied musical composition because of his passion for singing, and he taught himself harmony and counterpoint, with emphasis on choral music a cappella.

In 1997, Fresi joined the Cantori della Resurrezione choir (Porto Torres) conducted by Antonio Sanna, with them has performed several concerts in Italy and abroad. He has taken part in important festivals and shows such as the International Festival of Sacred Music in Loreto, the Festival of Ancient Music in Palestrina, the Spoleto Music Festival, the International Festival "Miskolc Kamarakorus" (Hungary), the International Festival of Sacred Music in Koper (Slovenia) etc.

He has also performed as a soloist in renaissance and baroque works, such as Rappresentazione di Anima et di Corpo by Emilio de Cavalieri, and Il festino nella sera di giovedì grasso avanti cena by A. Banchieri and in sacred works such as Missa brevis KV 49 and KV 220 by W.A. Mozart, Messa in La maggiore and Fa maggiore by G. Platti, Messa Oettingana by G. Bernabei, Christmas Oratorio by J.S. Bach, etc.

His compositions are performed in Italy as well as abroad (England, France, Portugal, Spain, Porto Rico, United States etc.).

Nowadays Fresi lives in Porto Torres (Italy), and combines the study of music and composition, with the study of Spanish linguistics and philology.