MSI Premiere Composer, Curtis Schweitzer....

My name is Curtis Schweitzer, I'm a junior studying Theory/Composition at Biola University in Los Angeles, California. Here you'll find my work, including Choral compositions and arrangements, Orchestral compositions and arrangements, and a few chamber pieces currently in progress.

Recent performances of my work include a premier of "Fanfare Americana" by the Colorado Springs Philharmonic, as well as performances of "There is no Rose of Such Virtue", "Pieces for Children", and the "Autumn" movement from "Brass Quintet no. 1" at Biola University.

In late 2004, I wrote two arrangements for groups in Riga, Latvia- "Silent Night" and "Et Verbum Caro Factum Est". The experience of working with the choirs was rewarding, and I am glad we had a chance to collaborate.

I'm working on making as many of my scores free as possible, and am exceedingly willing to grant performance and recording rights. I also make PDF copies of all scores which are available upon request (including instrument parts). Collaborative composition is also something I encourage, and I am very willing to work on arrangements for you or your group- free.

My scores are currently grouped using two criteria: age and instrumentation. Earlier works are filed separately (then by instrumentation) and I've updated the groupings to include a section for "new scores". Also, there are a few larger-scale works that are in their own special categories, among them "Hummingbird" for String Quartet and "Brass Quintet no. 1". The former will eventually be a 3-movement work in a chiastic structure and the latter a 4-movement work based on the different seasons. I'm also working on a setting of John Keat's poem "Hyperion" as well as a forthcoming setting of "The Wasteland" for full orchestra, chorus, and solo soprano.